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Why cloth Face Masks? 

A face mask may help reduce the spread of infection in the community by minimising the excretion of respiratory droplets from infected individuals. Besides covering your nose and mouth, a mask will help you avoid touching your face, slimming down the chances of contamination. Wearing face masks doesn’t minimize the need of social distancing nor washing hands. However putting on a face mask can contribute to flattening the curve and indirectly saving lives.


The present situation is also adding to plastic pollution, disposable face masks are getting into the hot water of sustainability, by ending up in nature. It shouldn’t become a burden to bear for our planet, so switching to reusable cloth face masks, we believe, is a requirement. 

Our masks are made of cotton. Being a complete natural product, it doesn’t require pesticides or intensive chemical processing. Which isn’t just better for the health of the people growing and producing it, it’s also better to wear for you too. NYNJA is thriving for environmental friendliness, contributing to solving ecological issues before it’s too late.

If we need to wear these masks, we believe it shouldn’t be inconvenient to wear them or leave you with a smothered, uneased feeling. We translated this belief in designing a model that is feather light and easy breathable, steering clear of discomfort. By no means we wanted to give into the creative part, because we see the importance of this highly visible attire. Without shortcoming effectiveness and comfort, we decided to invest in designs and turn it into our own craftwork.