Fashion has always been drawn to what has been going on in the world and in 2020 this is not different. This is where NYNJA masks, a new European based brand, founded in the heart of Antwerp, comes in. We are all unique, and relish to differentiate ourselves with clothing. Recent carried out measures are requiring us to cover our faces, NYNJA aims to remain expressing personality freely. We want to create more than a face mask, we strive for a product that fulfills your needs by creating desired, comfortable and enjoyable pieces. We believe it shouldn’t be a burden to wear a mask. NYNJA is providing a bridge between necessity of wearing a mask and collecting appreciated fashion items. We encourage fashion enthusiasts to wear our products and thus, all together, we are armed forces actively safeguarding ourselves and one another.   


Our goal is to establish an internationally known brand which constantly raises its ambitions. We want to keep growing and reinvest in our product and people. We take pride in remaining humble and continue staying true to our vision. We remain focused on our core strengths; providing quality and distinctive designs for affordable prices. 


Why face masks?


A face mask may help reduce the spread of infection in the community by minimising the excretion of respiratory droplets from infected individuals. Further will a mask help you avoid touching your face, slimming down the chances of contamination. Wearing face masks doesn’t minimize the need of social distancing nor washing hands. However putting on a face mask can contribute to flattening the curve and indirectly saving lives.


The present situation is also adding to plastic pollution, disposable face masks are getting into the hot water of sustainability, by ending up in nature. It shouldn’t become a burden to bear for our planet, so switching to reusable face masks, we believe, is a requirement. 

Our masks are made of cotton. Being a complete natural product, it doesn’t require pesticides or intensive chemical processing. Which isn’t just better for the health of the people growing and producing it, it’s also better to wear for you too. NYNJA is thriving for environmental friendliness, contributing to solving ecological issues before it’s too late.


The pandemic is slowing global commerce to a crawl, launching a business in these times is risky, yet essential to breathe life into today’s economy. NYNJA masks is providing jobs worldwide and is investing in a valuable future in these uncertain times. The NYNJA team believes in gathering their courage and wants to succeed in overcoming these challenges. 


Our collections aim to be suited for casual and corporate settings, without shutting out the straightforward youth and kids by creating designating pieces. The designs are limited edition and gender neutral, as we value equality. We believe that people ought to be allowed to feel more like themselves, so by wearing masks suiting their personality, NYNJA helps protecting the right for self-determination. New creations will be launched and collaborations with various artisans will launch mind blowing collections.